Jul. 4th, 2016

stdesjardins: (Steven)
This was the first session of Indie Games on Demand that I played at this year. The way it works is that maybe 8-12 GM's each list two games they're prepared to run, and then the people who want to play get in line to pick the games they want to play in. When it's your turn, if nobody's signed up for a particular GM yet, you can pick one of the games and the staff will cross the other one off, or you can add yourself to a game that somebody's already chosen. Once a game fills up, the staff pulls the card.

I picked Magic, Inc., a scenario using Lowell Francis's home-brew playing card Fate variant, because I've played with Lowell before and he has a talent for light comedy RPGing. The premise is that you're playing low-level workers in an obscure corner of a large, magic-oriented bureaucracy, and your goal is to do as little work as possible. This session went a little oddly because one of the players, the last one to sign up, thought he'd signed up for the ninja game that was Lowell's other option, and he waited twenty minutes to say anything. At that point, it was too late to switch to another game, so he made the best of it, but it obviously wasn't a style of game he was comfortable with, and Lowell felt that it threw him off as a GM. (I personally thought it wasn't as bad as Lowell thought, as a player I felt like the players who were really into it gave me plenty to interact with, and looking back I thought it was one of the highlights of my con.)

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